I’m frustrated

Rotating from portrait to landscape, form becomes too large for iPad screen.

1. If iPad is held in portrait mode and form is opened the layout matches Test Center view.
2. If I rotate to landscape, the form rotates but becomes enlarged and not scaled to landscape mode properly. The form's caption is off center to the right and page is about 3 inches wider than iPad.
3. If you hold the iPad in landscape orientation an open same form, it is scaled properly for the iPad screen.

Rotation from portrait to landscape, causes form to be drawn much larger than iPad portrait dimensions.

Form has two grids, one at top one in the middle, with 2 spacers between the grid. When the spacers are added, the form won't even rotate correctly in Test Center, if you go from Portrait to Landscape, the gray portion of the screen itself doesn't expand to the right and retains the portrait dimensions!

First impression, is that a little more QA is required for your product.
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