Sending filled out information from 1 page to another (With log in accounts)

Thanks for checking out my question. So to keep things basic:

I want my managers to fill in one page of an app (which employees can not see) and this information is sent to another page where our employees can see.

1) I'm looking to build an app with a log in function for MANAGERS and EMPLOYEES.

2) I want there to be different privileges for MANAGERS and EMPLOYEES:
I want MANAGERS to be able to view a a page where they can add new projects. For each project, we need to organize who's going to each project every day, when and what they're doing.

3) I want EMPLOYEES to see a different page where this information is sent to. This page will take the information and send it to the employees that have been included. This is a "schedule" page therefore only relevant to the employee and not other employees so I want this page visible only to the employee that's logged in.

So how it would work:

Log in - > go to main menu -> click Scheduling -> opens up project list.
---- I want managers to be able to add a new project.
Find project -> it opens up -> information required to fill out -> fill out -> click submit -> confirmation popup -> information is saved until the next day and is editable, will resubmit information when submit button is clicked again

Log in-> go to main menu -> click schedule -> opens up the information that was filled out by Manager (if nothing filled out, nothing shows)
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