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Have you uploaded your Appery app into your iPhone and have felt that it goes really slow compared with the online test?

I use a bottom navigation bar to change from different pages in my app, with the following slow performance problems:
1.- When I click a button, it took quite long to see that the button changes its color (so the user knows that he has clicked it correctly).
2.- Before changing the page, the screen becomes blank (just with the background color) and then it shows the new page (awful).

I've spent a many hours trying to make my app faster on my iPhone, and I want to share with you all my conclusions (at the moment).

1.- Use only one HTML for all the pages of your app. This is done in Project -> App settings -> check "Render all pages in one HTML file (jQuery Mobile multi-page template)". This will make that all your app is loaded once, and that in page transitions it doesn't need to load again the Javascript files.

2.- When you add an event to one of the buttons of your navigation bar to change to a different page, don't use "click", use "tap". It will avoid the blank screen when changing the page. Unfortunately, the "tap" makes the button color to change not as fast as the "click" (showing that it has been clicked). Any idea here will be well received.

3.- In the page transition, don't use "default", use "none". It will make that the page transition is faster.

These are my results for the moment, I wish this is useful to you.
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