Some beginners help for passing parameters to a service from a list


I started with appery this morning, and very quicky managed to pull together a (mainly hardcoded) application that is based around lists, and external REST/JSON data to populate the lists and pages.

What I'm struggling with, is say I have a list and want to pass a parameter of the clicked item to a service, which is loaded when a new page is displayed, which in turn maps data returned from a JSON feed into fields on the page? At the moment, I've hard-coded the values, and hard-coded the URLs in my service just to see how it works.. and it's pretty impressive considering I haven't coded a thing yet.

So in summary:
Display a list (dynamically created from a service/REST)
Click an item
Display a new page
Trigger a service to an external REST API that uses the value from the clicked list item as a parameter
Updates fields on the new page mapped to data returned in JSON format

Can someone point me in the right direction?
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