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stackmob oauth authorization problems

I cannot get stackmob access working.

I have tried following the content of the stackmob tutorial (, but I cannot get access to my own stackmob repo. I get json response: {"error":"Invalid OAuth credentials or signature: signature_invalid"}.

I have verified, using firebug that the my getAuth is called and that the request is sent to stackmob with Authorization Header as expected. I can see my key, but nonce and signature etc. are different from what I see using cURL (and the test console on the stackmob site). When accessed using cURL I get expected json back.

It may be something in the stackmob end, but I wanted to ask if, perhaps, you did something to oauth (or related functionality) in the last release? I will continue digging into whether the oauth headers are as expected.

The project is 152b0eef-8066-471c-900e-18862bf4277b, and if you click "register" button on the first page, the REST is called while loading the next page. Perhaps it is sitting on the wrong event, so on the next page, there is another button "Reload" that makes the API call.

Btw. stackmob is going to release a much desired oauth2 and ACL functionality in june presumably ( will you follow suit and update the example? :)
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