Still challenged by ability to use Google Geometry functions

on this thread - I still have an open question...although marked answered - it's open still (sorry):

The open question remains:
Thanks again for all the work here....

I'm trying to get the code to work in my app.

So - after making the changes to the external resources as suggested in that thread - here's the code in my app, and here's the error message (that still appears). Any chance I can get you to build a sample app - and see if it works?

Here's the code from inside my app:

console.log('about to start compute distance call'); // this logs in the console
var ndistance = new computeDistanceBetween(cLatlng, (39.5617065,-78.792953));
Appery("input_computeddistance").val( ndistance );
console.log("the computed distance is:" + ndistance);// <== this log entry never occurs and I get the error message below

This is the error message:

Uncaught ReferenceError: computeDistanceBetween is not defined

Help please!
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