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I ́m trying calling my service sending a string which is saved in LocalStorage. When i ́m testing the service and put the string direct in the value field... works very well...but when i get the string by LocalStorage and send to my service, my service return my string with plus signal (+++) between the string.

This is the last call of my service, when a get the details about each element. For example:

Cms Cesario de Mello - Ap53 - saved in LocalStorage - ok
Cms+Cesario+de+Mello+-+Ap53 - My service returned it.

When i put : the string (Cms Cesario de Mello - Ap53 ) and called my because the name it ́s the search field about each element... don ́t exist id. The name is unique.

But when a mapped my service to send the string by LocalStorage...i don ́t know what service didn ́t return my unique element because can ́t find the name with the plus signal(+) between the string.

Can you help me...I tried insert the javascript with a regular expression...but didn ́t work.

For example... EXAMPLE

myString = "localStorage.getItem('nomeUnidSaude');
myString = myString.replace(/\+/g, " ");

I don ́t know what can i have to do to send my string without the plus (+).

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