Text formating on lists.

I am using a Javascipt base project,

I have a list full of items, I get those items from an API, and put them in custom objects in session storage and then use the mapping function to map them to the list elements,

I use the JS ability to prefix prices with the currency symbols or pull in other values from storage to add.

Where I am having trouble is I would like to format the next I return that displays in a the list with a line break, '/n' but it does not seem to be working?

To explain further I have a price and a time stamp, I would like to add a line break into the what I return so that it looks better, I have increased the size of the list box manually to see if that would make the '/n' work, but it hasn't, Could anyone help?

return ('R '+value+'\n'+TimeStamp);

Part two :

Another part to this question as I am not sure it is possible, but after gettimg the time stamp onto the second line in the list, I would like to make it's text smaller, would anyone have any suggestions?
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