Trouble with data mapping

I am having some trouble getting the data mapping to display correctly. I have created a test app that calls my sample REST api which returns data via jsonp. The data returned is formatted:
[6,"Alcohol",null,"A"],[1,"Breakfast",null,"A"],[16,"Cash Withdraw",null,"A"],[3,"Dinner",null,"A"],[10,"Dogs",null,"A"],[11,"Dogs Daycare",null,"A"],[8,"Electronics \/ Games",null,"A"],[12,"Gas",null,"A"],[9,"General Entertainment",null,"A"],[15,"Gifts",null,"A"],[5,"Groceries",null,"A"],[2,"Lunch",null,"A"],[17,"Metro",null,"A"],[13,"Misc - Car",null,"A"],[7,"Misc - Clothes",null,"A"],[14,"Misc - House",null,"A"],[4,"Snacks",null,"A"]

And my mapping looks like:

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I am sure it is something simple. Any suggestions?

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