Troubles using "Push notification" event on start screen


I've managed to create an app with GCM notifications working.
Now I would like to manage the content of the notification before it displays in the notification bar.

Therefore, I added a "Push notification" event on the start screen, but it seems to not be doing anything.

I've added a javascript action as simple as follow:

alert("Push notification received");

Then I send a notification, my device receives it (I can see it in the notification bar), but no alert shows up on the start screen page. Even tought I'm currently using the application on the main page.

Any clue ?

My idea in the end is to be able to:
- catch the notification
- extract notification message (containing json)
- parse the json message in order to extract data
- query a remote service to fetch the appropriate message information
- build a message and display it in the notification bar

Maybe it's too ambitious, I don't know. Please tell me :)

Thank you.
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