Tutorials for Native App Creation using Tiggr?

Are there any tutorials or videos for building a **native** (say iOS) project that covers the process from start-to-running-on-iPhone (or iPhone simulator)? I may have missed it but the only video I could find explains creating a Twitter web app and mentions at the very last minute 'and then you can export to PhoneGap and others...' or something like that. ;-)

I'm purely interested in a RAD tool for designing native apps for Android & iOS so would appreciate links to any guide(s) or tutorials showing Tiggr from this perspective.

I get how the likes of Appcelerator work, I get what PhoneGap & PhoneGap Build are, what I'm struggling with is using Tiggr for native development; using the PhoneGap API, handling data returning to Tiggr from PhoneGap calls etc.

Many thanks!

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