Unable to override echo

I want to populate a list from an array. So I am overriding the __requestOptions.echo value as suggested at http://devcenter.appery.io/documentat....

The alerts show that the echo value was undefined before I set it, and was then set to the new value. However, when I execute the code below, the list is populated using the example echo items that I entered for the service, not the items that I am supplying at run time.

alert("before ~" + skillsEchoService.__requestOptions.echo + "~");

var echoJSON = '[{"skillName":"woodworking"}, {"skillName":"dancing"}]';
skillsEchoService.__requestOptions.echo = echoJSON;

alert("after ~" + skillsEchoService.__requestOptions.echo + "~");


What am I doing wrong?
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