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Upcoming price update and FAQ

Last week we announced an upcoming price update. You can read more about it here:

Here are some common questions and answer.

I have a paid plan today (Basic, Standard, Pro, Premium). Will my plan be grandfathered?
Yes. If you have a paid subscription today or will sign up for a paid plan before November 8th, your subscription will be grandfathered. This means that all the plan limits you have today you will continue to get after November 8th. For example, if you have the Pro plan, you will be able to create 15 apps.

Do I need to have a monthly or annual plan to be grandfathered?
Monthly and annual plans active before November 8th will be grandfathered.

I have an annual plan today. My plan is scheduled for renewal in July 2016. What happens then?
Your current plan (which will be grandfathered) will get renewed for another year. And then for another year and so on.

I need to make changes to my grandfathered plan next year. Can I do that?
You can make changes to the plan any time. However, when you make changes to a grandfathered plan (download/upgrade, number of developers), you will be required to select a current plan at that time. This means you will lose your grandfathered plan.