User database query service


I am trying to work with the user query service available with the generic user database. However, when I try to test the query, I receive the following:

"code": "DBUQ001",
"description": "unauthorized"

I am aware that this might be due to not passing the X-Appery-Session-Token correctly, however I'm not sure what it is i'm doing wrong.

In general, I added another column to the User database that states an external url API from which data should be read for that specific user. This is a type List because there can be a couple of url's available for each user. I want the user to login, and if successful, to query the username and store the url API list. When the user logs in correctly, I pass the SessionToken to a specific storage. I then try to call that sessionToken from storage to be passed to the 'X-Appery-Session-Token' service request header in the user_query_service, yet I still get the error shown above.

Any clue what I might be doing wrong?


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