Using Sendgrid in a list

I have a multiple items that display in a list. For example, I see name, address, email, and problem... I want to click on a button and have that data including the picture forwarded to a specific email that I have listed in a drop down list. Here's what I did, and I hope you'll be be to assist me.

var res = "";
var data = {
Name: Appery('Name')[0].value ? Appery('Name')[0].value : "",
Email: Appery('Email')[0].value ? Appery('Email')[0].value : "",
Image: localStorage.getItem('picture') ? "": ""

for (ii in data){
if (data[ii] !== ''){
res += "" + ii + " : " + data[ii] + "";
res += "";


This code works fine when there is no list. The button is included with the list. But, it looks like that when I use Appery('Name')... with the list, it doesn't read the value that is displayed in the list. Is that right? Ofcourse I mapped email to html in sendgrid and so forth.. But it doesn't seem to work. Can I access the fields in the list using Appery('..') as specified in the code above?

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