Website app( with header) and splash start screen!

i would like to create an app for my website and i read to put the javascript window.location.replace ('') but i would like to have the header bar and not just the website page in all the screen!
also i would like to set up a splash start screen when you open the app!
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  • Hi -

    Could you please clarify are you going to use it on devices or this will be a published on a domain web app?

    If you're going to use it on a device you can consider this approach:

    or use another much a web oriented approach here:
    - add this JS code on the page show event:

    $.mobile.activePage.find("[data-role=content]").css("padding", "0");
    $('[data-role="content"]', $.mobile.activePage).html('<iframe src="" style="border:0" name="iframeName" width="100%" height="'+($.mobile.activePage.find("[data-role=content]").height())+'"></iframe>');

    Note: that you need to insert your site URL in iframe source attribute.
    and you can adjust width and height the way you need this is just an example.
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