Weird bug on restService POST

(GET) rest calls to our backend, everything working fine, no issues. However, I'm setting up the first POST call, now having a problem: it posts and woks fine from WEB tester (200 ok, response body as expected). However, when we try to run the aplication on the MOBILE tester posting an identical call, we get a 403 forbidden. We are using proxy for both calls, so it shouldn't be cross-domain related. Any idea on what's going on?

From webserver log:

web tester call:
54.(your IP) - - [21/Nov/2014:13:09:28 +0000] "POST /rest/payment HTTP/1.1" 200 25

mobile tester call:
54.(your IP) - - [21/Nov/2014:13:12:28 +0000] "POST /rest/payment HTTP/1.1" 403 
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