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Which screen element to use to display a set of values returned from a SQL query? List items must be clickable to send users to detail page

Which screen page element should I use to hold a list of values retrieved from a cloud database SQL query? I don't know how many values there will be, including possibly zero values. Each of those values needs to be "clickable" so the end-user can tap on one of those returned values and be sent to another page that shows detailed information related to that specific value.

Thanks for any help you can give!
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  • Hi Dear Paul

    I did not get the first question you asked

    But the second

    "those returned values and be sent to another page that shows detailed information related to that specific value."

    Let me give an example

    You have 2 pages in appery

    1- home


    You want to show a list of user's username in the home page and if the user click any of them will redirect to a page named detail that shows the detail of the choses username

    I don't know which platform do you use (ionic or jQuery)..

    But no problem

    Ok you have to do

    1-Pass username from home page to datail page

    You should set the value of them to their text or in the event of clicking

    set the scope parameter ( user id) to the chosen item's text

    Now Take a look at here

    You can share data and functions between pages in Appery Ionic projects using Angular factories. Click Create New > JavaScript with Name = UserManager and Type = Angular factory. Set factory code to

    define( ['require'], function( require ){

    function func( Apperyio ){

    var manager = {

    userId: null


    return manager;


    return [{

    /* name for angular resource */

    name: 'userManager',

    /* type of angular resource */

    type: 'factory',

    /* angular dependency injection array */

    deps: [ 'Apperyio', func ]



    Then on the home page you can set variable before navigating to detail page:

    Apperyio.get('userManager').userId = user._id;


    and on the detail page you can retrieve it:

    var userId = Apperyio.get('userManager').userId;

    Ok now we have chosen username in the datail page called userid

    All you have to do is make another SQL query like this

    Select * from users where username = userid

    That you can use appery API express (Recommended) or make ones by your self by using simple PHP code (I can help you to make this too)

    And GET data from API (appery API express or self-made)

    And show them in for example label

    I hope these will help you
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