apple said ipod touch has water damage when it doesn't.

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my ipod touch won't turn on and i've tried everything. i sent it to apple and they said it has water damage so they wont fix it. i checked the water sensor thing and it was white. now when i plug it into my computer it connects then disconnects instantly. help please?
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Yours iPod is stuffed if an iPod has water damage it's a gonns happened to my dads phone 2
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I say we all go to BBB and file a complaint. Apple told me the same same thing and it has not been dropped or had any water damage, it worked 24 days and quit. I am mad. I am not going to let apple get my money for free without a fight.
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There have been cases of people keeping their iPod Touch / iPhone near the sea or the pool for extended periods of time (morning dew, fog, compressed air or blowing into the headphone's connector to clean it, is also included). This will eventually cause the "water sensor" to activate due to the water vapor in the air (over an extended period of time.)

The sensor only needs to turn a little pink for the gadget to be declared "water damaged"

Have you tried the following:

Try the reset?

"Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears"
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That exact same thing happened to me! I had my ipod touch for about 6 months or so and it just shut off and never turned back on, i sent it to apple and they cried "water damage" too. even if i plug it into the computer it will never load. and i have yet to know whats wrong with my ipod.
We provide iPhone & iPod repair services for problems ranging from common issues such as broken glass & LCD to the most difficult...water damage !!!
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I am in the same boat. My wifi just died randomly (a problem I have found online to be somewhat common) but when I went to the service centre they just checked the water sensor and told me that it's water damaged so the warranty is void. This thing has never gotten wet! And how would that destroy the wi-fi? TOTAL BS!!

First and most likely last Apple product ever. Can't believe this!
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Same thing just happened for me too. I sent mine out to apple care service on tuesday they got it wednsday and then i get it friday with a lovely not saying damaged due to contact with liquid. I checked the sensor myself and it is still white no damage at all. I took it to my computer repair service and they told me that it was a problem with my curcuit board. it is a bunch of bs. I am marching right up to the apple store and giving them a peice of my mind!
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i dropped my ipod in the sink, left it 2 weeks in rice, salt and dry air. now it turns on and everything is fine exept the wifi and bluetooth
i tried to reset it . what do i do because how can i see the apple logo whenthe screen is whitee but wen i reset it the screen is blank an goes back to a white scree. SOMEBODY HELP!!! PLEASE!!
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this has happened with mine i have had white screen then i press wake/sleep button with home and it went black only 1's have i had the apple logo up and i pressed them buttons again and the screen went black and wont go white again.
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Well mine happens be the same case. Most likely you probably tried to make your ipod work, by charging it. Doing so you short curcuit the ipod since there is still a slight amount of water inside the ipod itself.
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mine got wet too and i put it in rice for a few days and it will not turn on at all.. ive tried to reset it and pluging it in but it will not turn on..what do i do??? helpp
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Well, right now theres no way you can fix it since while the battery is wet, adding electricity to it will short curcuit the ipod.
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same thing happened to me. had my ipod for 9 months. then one day it wasnt connecting, turned it off and back on next thing i know i see no wifi greyed out and bluetooth unavailable also greyed out. i went to apple 1 week later and the first thing the guy did was flash a light down the headfone jack for maybe 2.5 seconds then he looked me square in the eye and said "water damage". i then proceeded to leave. to this day my ipod still has no wifi or bluetooth. but everything else works fine. i tried all sorts of restores and what not. i would love to just buy a new wifi chip and install it myself only no one sells it. super scam by apple!
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Try silica gel. I left my itouch in my jeans and i washed it. Luckily I did some research and I tried silica gel. It worked but now I cant record sounds and videos. Is there any way to fix it?