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Apple should develop a 'App Store' for OS X.

Basically, what I would like to see is a little application that comes pre-installed on all new Mac's (and included in the next software update) that is like the iTunes 'App Store' but for OS X applications.

You would have a little icon at the end of the dock, that looks like the app store icon on the iPhone, that when clicked on, opens the OS X App Store application, which provides the user with a 'iTunes App Store' like experience for finding and buying applications. The user would enter their Apple ID (with associated card details from iTunes) to pay for apps, and as they know they are dealing with Apple, they aren't worried about giving their card details to a third party.

The apps on the OSX App Store would be checked by Apple (like they are on the iPhone) to make sure no malicious software is on the store.

The user would be automatically notified when a app they have purchased is update by a little badge on the app store icon (kind of how Mail does at the moment), the user can the choose to automatically install any updates by going into the App store application.

I'm not saying make the 'OS X app store' the only way to install software on your Mac, that would be insane, but it should be a easy to use alternative to introduce new software to both new OS X users and those who may have been using OS X a while, and who are looking for some new apps.

I think something like this would really help 3rd party developers to get their software out to the Mac user base, and it would also be a great selling point for the Mac, for those who are thinking of switching.
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