Got my iPhone wet, and Apple replaced it with a new one...

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Call it good karma or luck, but I thought I was doomed to pay an arm and a leg for iPhone repair. I was so amazed they replaced my phone, I thought I'd share my appreciation for the Apple Genius Bar.

Even though I got it wet, the water sensor was undamaged, so they replaced it noting "that is just stopped working." Amazing, truly amazing.
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Posted 8 years ago

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Jay Jay

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Does this go for ipod touches??? I ogt mine wet after its already been replaced by apple but it does ahave a warranity... Will it work?
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I dropped my iphone in the toilet last night, grabbed it out immediately, and everything is working fine, minus the text message noise. Should I be expecting it to eventually and inevitably stop working or just be happy it's still a functioning phone and shut up? The phone is about 2 months old which really pisses me off, considering I've never once had water damage to any of the countless shitty phones I've had over the years, and just when I buy myself something nice, into the toilet it goes! I purchased insurance with the phone for an extra 70 bucks, but something tells me that will cover anything and everything BUT a freak toilet accident. Help please!
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TURN OFF THE PHONE AND SUBMERGE IT IN A CLOSED BAG OF UNCOOKED RICE IMMEDIATELY!!!! Even tho everything seems ok, the inner workings of the phone are wet and the longer you keep it on while wet, the more likely you will cause water damage that can corrupt the phone at any point. Just take the sim card out and place it in an old phone so u can have a phone while the iPhone dries out for a few days. It can't hurt and your sounds may even cone back. Good luck!
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TURN OFF THE PHONE AND SUBMERGE IT IN A CLOSED BAG OF UNCOOKED RICE IMMEDIATELY!!!! Even tho everything seems ok, the inner workings of the phone are wet and the longer you keep it on while wet, the more likely you will cause water damage that can corrupt the phone at any point. Just take the sim card out and place it in an old phone so u can have a phone while the iPhone dries out for a few days. It can't hurt and your sounds may even come back. Good luck!
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My iphone 3gs fell in some shallow water just the head set part was under water for about a minute. I put my phone in rice for a week, but it's dead. It was a new phone too, they were not helpful offered me another for $199. Apple used to really care about their customers, but since they launched the ipod and iphone 4 they really don't give a crap. I recently bought a ipad and macbook pro and needed tech support. I was pretty disappointed with senior technical advisors who did not resolve my issues. I expect it wont be long till they outsource everything to india like dell. Too bad apple.. success can ruin you.. although i did hear your stock is starting to tank.
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So what can we help you with?
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Can any thing be done for my iphone that wont hold a charge? been in rice 4 a week. you can see the apple logo when you plug it in but the screen is VERY dark. It asks to be plugged into itunes but since there is no charge Itues does not recognise it.. sell it for scrap?
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH......Try a full wash cycle!!! Left phone in jeans! I took sim card out and placed the phone in a bag with rice for about 2 days, little bags of silca work good the end of the week , the screen had returned completely. My wireless isn't as strong, but it still works!!!!!
Ughh I'm so happy its not just me (NOt being rude lol) Okay Did you have the lil siclica rolling around out of the packet ? Shit my ass dropped when i heard my phone clanking around in the washing machine! Uggh no im going to have to leave it for a couple of days !! DAMNNN!!!
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ok so.... i dropped my itouch (not iphone) in the toilet 6 days ago. I immediately put it in rice after going online. after rebooting it worked... or so i thought. turns out i did the happy dance too soon.

my wifi doesnt work at all... i mean that when i go to settings>wifi the entire thing is grayed out and it says "no wifi" so it wont let me tap on it. i think that the water damaged something ? but since everything else still works and no wifi isn't really a common symptom of water damage, do you think i can get a replacement if i play dumb? is it worth risking it and trying to white out the sensors if the ipod part still works ? i called apple and they said to ring it in to the store.
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Kim Jackson

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My 3G net work failed on my iPhone 3GS 3days ago! My at that time the phone was out of warranty! Ironic as it is.
Called my carrier and said it was the simcard and to take it down to the store.
The guy at the store put a new sim in it and 3G still failed checked network and it was good? Said to me it was the hard ware in the phone and to take it to apple! I knew I would be forking out $250 but my phone is my life so didn't mind.
Went to the store and the genius plugged it into the computer and said everything is fine? he said that's odd? These apps are crashing? But that shouldn't effect the 3G network? Anyway he said alls I can do is give you a new phone! I said how much is that going to cost? He said nothing! I was shocked. To be honest I thought apple was just after my money, but after this I realized how great apple really is. Still the 3G net work didnt work! So I took it back to the shop and said to the guy look it's still not working even with a brand new phone! (This is the fourth day ) I said to him if this doesn't get resolved I will call the obudsman and want out of my contract! The guy said to call this # and they should resolve it. Called the number and they said he has given the issue to head office and it should be resolved in 3 days. Do tommorrow if they haven't called me about this issue I will be calling the obudsman and get them to destroy my contract! If this happens I will sign up for the iPhone 4! And still have a brand new 3GS as a spare iPhone. Man got to love iPhone! will not buy any other phone now! But got to insure this one tommorrow! Hope they honor that because I am 14 days over the warranty.
Do you think apple care will let me insure it? I sure hope so.
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I dropped my iphone4 in the toilet and then proceeded to do everything wrong. I didn't turn it off and soak it in rice. I turned it on and started seeing what was ok, I opened it up and got a hair dryer (on cold) and tried drying it. It was awefull. In a last ditch effort I went to the apple store to speak with an apple genius.

I was very nice, I stated that I couldn't place calls and he trouble shooted a little and then happily replaced it. He didn't even check the water sensors! I got really lucky. So the moral is don't take your phone into the bathroom but if you do all hope is not lost if it falls in the toilet!
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Dropped iPod touch 4g in the tub (lol) it was in there for about a second or two cuz I have very fast hand eye :p it works perfectly fine but the stereo won't work.. I'm listening to gernade right now using my headphones .... Btw I got fully submerged.. And it's only 2 months old ... Geuss I'm really lucky it didn't have anything BAD happen ( : any ideas on how to fix the sound? Happened about an hour ago... ( ;
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Lyle Skinner

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I dropped my I-touch 4 in the hot tub . All the way to the bottom while playing poker. When I got it out the poker game was still going. It never acted up except for the speaker. It quit working, but about 6 hours later I checked it and it was working again. Unbelievable. I dropped a 3rd gen I-touch in my hot tub awhile back and it didn't work for about 4 months and then it started working again. Everything except for the wi-fi.
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I love the peeps in this thread. Honest about dealing with user 'fault'... but APPLE CAN AFFORD TO HELP US LOYAL FANS!

I need help figuring out how to get Apple to give me a new phone out of warranty by 2 months... They said the pink sensor was on but I cannot see it, but no water damage inside. It's stuck in the recovery loop. Does anyone know if I could get anywhere to call or email Apple rather than genius or is genius better, esp if I take prior advice and go to a busy cool hip large bar like Santa Monica?

Thanks cool friends.
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Yesterday i was a the beach and stupidly enough i left my iphone 3g in my pocket and had fell into the water -.-"
as soon as i got out i tried my best to dry it but i was wet so i gave it to my dad we tried to turn it off but because my phone is the 3g it laggs -.- so it took ages to turn off but then went white and tuned off
when we got to the motel the best we could do was dry it with a hair-drier but when i took the sim card out it was soaked
so we opened it up and sure enough there was water in it but also SAND omg i was so devastated so we cleaned it up as much as we could but because its salt water im guessing its screwed
i have read about putting it in distilled water but i dont get it, your suposed to avoid wetting it how would wetting it even more help? can anyone please help me out :(
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Water itself (pure water) is an insulator, electricity doesn't flow through it. Tap/sea/lake/bath/pool water all have a high level of dissolved minerals, chemicals and other substances in it that cause the water to become conductive.
It's the conductivity of the impurities in the water that fry the electronics. Also, some of the chemicals can eat away at the electrical traces on the boards.
Soaking in distilled water will wash away and dilute the impurities and prevent damage.
You could technically run a television in a tank of pure water without any ill effects.
Even distilled water will trip the LSIs, but then the initial dunk took care of that already. :)
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ok my iphone ear peice broke and i think u cant fix it but im woundering if i can turn it in and get a newone but i dot know the iphone number can some one please help me i no its dome but please
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Well did you have to pay for it or anything? like to replace it?
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I dropped my Iphone4 in the toilet 2 days ago while at work, within the hour I was home and trying to dry it with my hair dryer (on coolest temp) - I then found alot of advice on the web to put it in a bowl of rice - but to turn it off - I can't turn it off because the screen won't work and there's no other function to turn the phone off, without using the screen - 2 days ago the screen was black - now my screen is back but I cannot use the screen at all - people can still call and text me, but I can't do anything with the screen - please help as I don't know what to do now - it's only 1 week old too :(
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Try they saved mines for me
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Try they saved mines for me
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lachara cooper

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i'm having that seem problem aswell.did u get it fix as yet?
if so, what did u do
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that happened to mine once when i dropped it, once it was jst a white screen i could still find a way to unlock and another the screen wouldnt even work. my screen was cracked and i bought a iphone 3g screen replacement kit off amazon for about 25 and i bought a new LCD for like 23 and replaced it myself. its tedious but if you do it right your phone will work again and you save a lot of money... ive done this at least 5 times:(
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My iphone 4 accidently ended up in a 60 degree 2 hour cycle last wednesday and has completely died on me. I placed it in rice as soon as it came out of the cycle, so it's technically been in rice for 4 days now and still nothing. It wasn't switched off whilst it was in the cycle so not sure if this is reason why it has completely died. I didn't have any insurance either but signed up for some yesterday, thinking that I may as well try and claim if Apple can't do anything (I know this is wrong but I simply can not afford £500 for another). I haven't been to see a genius yet but have been booked in to see one tomorrow. I'm sure I can see flecks of pink on the litmus paper inside the headphone jack however the litmus paper in the bottom of the phone is still white - will this mean I could potentially be given a replacement? I was planning on not metioning that it's been in the wash but rather say that my water bottle spilled in my bag and phone got wet... I don't want to not mention that water has been involved as I'm sure they'll suss this out themselves when they look in the headphone jack. I've only had the phone for 4 months so completely devastated that this has happened. It's now been 4 days without a phone and I'm not sure how much longer I can go. Going to the Regent St store in London as this is the busiest so hoping that due to time constraints they won't be able to inspect the phone for too long... Will report back after tomorrow. ;-(
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Soooooooo, just returned from my trip to the apple store. I decided that I would lie about how the water damage occured (thinking if I came across as less reckless they may pity me) so I told them that a water bottle had leaked into my bag drenching my iphone and that I placed this is uncooked rice straight after but nothing. The genius then disappeared to open the phone up and have more of an ispection, returning to show me that both of the inner indicators had been triggered and these were blatantly pink. He said that it would cost me £140 ( around $250) for a replacement re-manufactured phone or I could put in an insurance claim. I decided that I didn't want to go another week without a phone so agreed to pay the charge. He then said he needed to sort out the paperwork and then handed me a printout asking me to sign. I noticed that on this printout it said total £115 amount due £0.00 - I happily signed this thinking that he'd given me some sort of a discount from the £140 he originally quoted. When I handed the signed copy back to me he started scanning it and then said "well, looks like it's your lucky day. I've accidently entered that you don't owe us anything, so you won't be charged today"
Me, "so I don't have to pay anything" him "no you don't. human error, we all make mistakes. Make sure you take care of this one"...
Cue me breaking out into the most goofiest grin you could ever imagine!!! My friend however thinks that he had no intention of charging me as apple will now replace water damaged phones but he definitely told me that I would have to pay as liquid damage was not covered. I'm unsure as to whether I just got lucky today or he did genuinely make a mistake when completing the paperwork. So all's well ends well. I feel extremely relieved and very fortunate.
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Allen Minton

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that's funny i had a i phone that's screen was half out and i took it to the apple store and the said the water indicator was tripped and wouldn't fix it saying my warranty was void i brought the phone home and opened it myself and found that the representative had lied and the indicators were not tripped.
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Pamela Bricio

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I had the 3gs and lost it on my birthday last year. Then my friend got the 4g so he gave me his old 3g and I've had it for 3 months now with no problems. All of a sudden the other night as I plugged it in to go to bed, it vibrated on and off for a bit and hasn't been charging since. I tried charging it on many wall plugs, iphone docks and computers but all it shows is a "plug me in" battery message for a sec and then goes back to being dead.

I was hoping to take it into the Apple store tomorrow. It's right next to my work in Chicago. Would they replace my phone since it just "stopped working"?
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Pamela Bricio

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Oh and I tried resetting it and everything. No luck.
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Pamela Bricio

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Oh and I tried resetting it and everything. No luck.
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Jack Paterson

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I slammed my ipod 2nd gen in a car door today and was wondering do you think they ill replace it as its 1 year and 2 months old?
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try these guys
they saved mine more than once
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luis baez

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i wamt repair my i phone 3gs is wet and is till working
but i need fixing
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how can i get mine replaced
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i have an itouch 4g thats still under warranty and my water indicators are WHITE!!! what should i do cuz it got wet a while ago but it still worked and just today it went into a "restore loop" and idk what to do!!???!!? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!