how to change mobile me email address

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want to change my mobile me email address
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Log into your Mobile me and go to the user settings. Mind you that this will also change your Apple account name

P.s. - If you have a family or corp account, you may need to contact the admin. or Apple support.
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Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to change your Apple ID if it is tied to a MobileMe or iChat account. In other words - you can't do it. However, you have two options as workarounds:

Create a MobileMe alias:
1. Log into
2. Click the gear icon in Mail
3. Choose Preferences
4. Click the Aliases tab
5. Click Add New Alias

This will forward all email sent to that alias to your main account.

Warning: Once you create an alias it is permanently tied to your account and cannot be created as a new MobileMe member name in the future.


Do not renew your account, then create a new account with a different member name.
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u figure it out.
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This sucks. I finally get the address that I want and now I want to use it on my iPhone, but the iPhone can't send from the alias, only the account name. If I sign-up with a new account I wan't be able to get my great alias that I finally found.... Catch 22.
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Eric, are you sure you can't send from an alias on your iPhone? Mine works. All you need to do is create a new email on the iphone, tap 'from' and then scroll down to your alias. If it isn't there, make sure you sync it with your computer through iTunes and select the correct account there to sync.
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I want a new email address and how do I take all my app over to a new account as I am getting email from an ex that I dont want
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I am in the same situation. I want to change my email address because I want to get rid of my last name. Mobile me is my main email address and I would rather it not have the last name i had in the address. We should be able to have more than one account at least.
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This is indeed a huge pain in the butt, and tying e-mail addresses to accounts was a truly poor decision. While I understand the difficulties with dealing with millions of customers, and god knows how many of them have forgotten user ID passwords, logins, etc., using e-mail addresses while an attempt at making it "easier for the customer" to remember their info, doesn't address a huge problem: People's e-mail addresses change infrequently, but usually for big reasons. Like when moving to a new home, it's a life changing event. Sure, it's a pain in the butt making sure you get your new home address out there. But if the post office can do a pretty decent job at it, why can't Apple?
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Misty Penetana

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What if i cant remeber my me password?
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I have a MobileMe account, but its dumb and I want to try and change the email account name. Is this possible?