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Are your friends always saying they can't hear you when you make or receive calls on your iPhone?
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  • unable to make calls

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I'm having the same problem. I can hear them but they can't hear me. I have to use the "speaker" feature on every call or else I just get that "hello...Hello...HELLO!" from the person on the other end. ghe
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If this happens all the time, you may have a faulty microphone. I have used two iPhone 3Gs so far (one was returned for stuck pixels), and I haven't had any problems with the other caller hearing me.
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I'm having the same problem. Others hear me fine from speakerhphone or headset but not when I use it like a regular phone. I called my work line from my iphone 3g set in speakerphone mode... when I lightly tapped the casing near the microphone (the right "speaker" at the bottom)... I could hear the normal scuffling noise you hear when tapping a microphone. I switched it off of speaker mode and it went silent. This tells me the microphone itself works fine. It must be something about that mode??? Or a hardware or software glitch?

This is my third iphone. First version got water spilled on the home button and it slowly shorted out everything. The second one decided to take a dive into the toilet. Given how much I had to pay to get my third, I have guarded it with my life. I clean it daily. I never have it anywhere close to anything that could be mistaken for moisture. It's never been dropped.
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I'm not sure what it is I've been meaning to sort it out, but it started happening for me when I upgraded to the latest firmware.
Basically it works fine for about 3 minutes and then after that they cant hear me anymore, like the audio qualtiy gets worse and worse until nothing.
and it wont work on any calls after that until I reboot my phone

I called a taxi the other day because it was snowing (Vancouver) and I was on hold for 3 minutes, so I finally get through and the guys like "hello.. hello" and then hung up. !@#!@
very annoying!

plus had the phone 5 months, already two dead pixels :)
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Same thing happened to me... I had to promise my fiance I would take care of this phone like it were my son and I did everything in my power to keep this phone out of harms way and of course... behold my luck... it conks out on me!
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I'm having the same problem. I can hear other people on the other end of the line but they can't hear me. However, I can hear my own voice!

I have had the phone for about 6 months and it has only just started happening. It seems to have started after I upgraded my software - I received an Upgrade Request when I went to iTunes and synced some stuff - could it be that?
The mic seems ok(?!) though.

Any help would be gratefully received. I've seen a few sites mentioning this problem but nobody seems to have a solution.
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I have the same problem. My friends always say it's sounds like I'm going in and out. I thought it may have been the shape of the phone. It's kind of awkward to hold when using as a phone, I feel like the MIC is always so far from my mouth.
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Mine is 4 days old & already doing this. I'm heading back to AT&T tomorrow to see what they say.
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Mine just conked out on me today :( I called my boyfriend and he couldnt hear me, so I tried speaker phone, and that still didn't work. Any ideas? :(
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same thing happen to me and this is my 2nd day with the phone and it dsnt work.
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Hi, I can make and receive calls but i can hardly hear the person on the other end. Even when the volume is full or on speaker it sounds like they're miles away but they can hear me. Also it always says call forwarding active and i can tap dismiss. What can I do so I can hear clearly?
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damn sickening product! iphone should recall their products! shameful!
My husbands phone does the same thing. I sent it back to apple and they refused to fix it!!! I am so angry, they basically said that there was damage to the phone and it was our fault which is crap. Its never been wet or dropped just scratches from not using a case and being in his pocket with Keys.
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My phone is doing the same thing it is only 5 days old I am taking it back for an exchange people can hear me on bluetooth only other wise nothing. CRF
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Brand new iPhone 3GS 8GB - Out of the box the mic isn't working. It only works when the earbud/mic are plugged in..
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same problem here and very cheesed off, this is my business essential, i'm self employed and it doesn't work :-(
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Take it to your local Apple Store - they will help you out. They did for me.
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My iphone fell to the ground today,
I didnt realize that could've made a problem since i always drop it accidently, though I have a leather case for it, anyway,
I tried making a call after abt 10 min, and I could hear the caller, but he cant hear me.
to check if the microhphone was the problem, I went to the voice recorder, and tried to record my voice, the voice indicator on the screen showed that there was no voice, and thus no voice was recorded..it was mute...

Now, from what I have read, I saw something about a pink indicator that could be glowing instead of a white which probably means theres a problem.
I checked it, and its pink...But I thought it would be pink if it got wet or smg.

about 4 months ago I dropped my cup of coffee on it and then I turned it off and placed in in uncooked rice for about 6 to 7 hours, and then it worked perfect, and never had any problem with it since then.

please HELP!!

I'm lost without my iphone... completellllllly LOST! or may I say HANDICAPPED without it!!
If your indicatior shows that your phone got wet don't even bother sending it to apple. They will tell that by getting it wet you voided your warranty even if it has nothing to do with the issue at hand. My husbands microphone also went bad, he sent it Apple and they wanted over $200 (there were excessive scratches on his phone so they voided the warranty) to fix the micorphone. I looked online and found digi express. Look them up online at www.digiexpress.us . They were super fast and had great customer service. After everything; shipping, diagnostics, service and parts, the phone was fixed and back to us under a week and for under $50. If your still not convinced check out the testimonials on thier site.
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yes i can hear people but they can not hear me
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yes i can hear but they can not hear me
and i ddnt even get it wet, theres a case on it and everything.
oh and my record works fine and everything its just the phone calls.
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I am having the same problem as above. Voice recording, FourTrack (music recorder) work fine. It's just on phone calls...!!
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my iphone 4 just started to have this problem after 3 months with zero trauma to the device. I can make skype calls, record audio, use voice to text, etc but when it comes to making an actual call no one can hear me. I can hear them but they can not hear me. And I too can hear my own voice in an echo. Any advice please let us know.

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Can anyone here post what was done to fix the voice call problem? I am from Brazil and bought the iphone 4 in Canada and facing the same problem.

Apple would cover it?
Could you fiz it by yourself without Apple warranty service?
Any tips, please please post here
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I also had this issue, when using the phone normally people on the other end couldn't hear me but it worked on speakerphone etc - what I figured out was that if I had any apps open that you can record voice in people couldn't hear me on calls - but what I did find is that if I make sure that the apps are closed and then call people can hear me.

I hope this helps :)
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what about if they call u? are u gonna close all apps then answer the phone !