itunes keeps asking for itunes.msi in windows

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Recently when I have tried to update my itunes to the latest (on Windows -- works fine on my Mac(s)) I get a point where it is asking for the previous itunes.msi. There are some itunes.msi on the PC but none that work, and definitely not in the directory that it wants as default. If I try to uninstall that does not seem to work. I am running 7.1.x and I am trying to upgrade to latest.
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Thanks, solved my problem
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I "upgraded to iTunes 7.7 on my PC and it bombed not only the old version that worked but the new installed version as well. I hope Apple don't wait another 6 months to reply. I get a message 1603 which indicates the old version wasn't removed properly. How do you do that?
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I've tried the solution on, and still no luck. I've searched my computer for *.msi, and the two files they directed me to don't actually exist. I tried to install itunes again, but no luck. It still wants to search the temp tiles for itunes.msi.
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I just got an iphone and cannot set up my itunes. i get the message "The feature you are tying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable. Click OK to try again, or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'itunes.msi' in the box below.
I then get a message that a previous version of itunes cannot be removed. When I try to uninstall itunes useing windows installer I get the same message. I'm using Windows XP. SERPCK2
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Thanks alot, after deleting the itunes.msi key in the registry. i re-installed itunes9 and everything went sommthly.
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Search the registry for “quicktime.msi” and “itunes.msi”. Delete the folder ABOVE where this key lies.
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where is this, how do I find it??
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where is this, how do I find it
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where is this, how do I find it
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THANKS! After several hours trying to fix this, taking your advise regarding the deletion in the registry worked THANKS AGAIN!!!!
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This worked for me. Thanks Zeus, been trying to upgrade those two software for a long time now - your post made it possible finally. I'm using Windows 7, on a Dell XPS. THANKS AGAIN THIS WORKED!!!!!!
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you need to extract iTunes.exe with WinRAR, it creates a folder called iTunesSetup, and it includes the missing file you need called iTunes.msi

Gr. Frank
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I followed this path and used WinRAR to create this ItunesSetup folder on the desktop and then when the famous question came up from the Itunes Installer I pointed it to the said folder and still no answer to my troubles. After a few seconds it said that the ITunesSetup folder was not a good folder:"The file "C:\Documents and Settings\ASUS\Desktop\ITunesSetup\iTunes.msi" is not a valid installation package for the product ITunes. (even if it really is package I just downloaded from Apple's site just minutes before) Try to find the installation package "iTunes.msi" in a folder from which you can install iTunes." I love how it thinks you are supposed to know what is a good folder! WTF!!!! I can't get this to work so I'm going to try Zeus's option of deleting the key above the in the Registry Edit window. This is really frustrating. I haven't been able to update ITunes since August 2009!!
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Same here I haven't been able to install any version of iTunes version since about 7.0. I have deleted registry files of iTunes, still can't install.
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The answer is in With this tool you can remove it. After you can install a new one
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your a savior!...
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Don't edit the registry directly. Install and run this program. Then tell it to remove the installation files for iTunes (it should be in the list under iTunes not Apple)
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Good show chap. Simple solution to a very frustrating problem.
How does deleting microsoft office help with this problem? Im confused...
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Zeus has the solution. It worked for me.
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help i dont understand what zeus is tyrin to explain
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@duke: Click on the Vista button / Start on XP, then choose "Run...", then type in "regedit.exe" and then search there via > Edit > Find... (Ctrl+F) for the named files.
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Apple makes the worst products ever. I completely regret having an ipod and I sympathize with anyone else that does. having said that, here is a step-by-step fix for everyone. go to start -> run, and type "regedit" in the command line. this opens the registry editor. go to edit -> find and type "itunes.msi" when it finds the file, check the pane to the left- the open folder is the one containing the file. find the directory above it (as in that contains that folder) and delete it. Repeat. once the search no longer turns up any itunes.msi, then do the same thing looking for "quicktime.msi" once you have deleted all directories containing those files, you should be fine.
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Thank you so much!!!! Worked out great! Esp. thanks for walking me through it, I don't get computers AT ALL :)
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I just wanted to say thank you to torrebc this was great, I tried for about 2 days doing what I know in windows, and finally started going through forums. This worked like a charm.
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I just wanted to say thank you to torrebc this was great, I tried for about 2 days doing what I know in windows, and finally started going through forums. This worked like a charm.
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I tried doing that and my computer crashed! It wont start up.. what should I do now?
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want do download apple iphone but so many pro
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I have a message that says I am missing \applicationdata\apple\applesoftwareupdate\itunes.msi

how do i fix this so that i can reinstall my itunes?
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hey everyone what i did is after uninstalling all of itunes stuff that it would let me from the add and remove in the control panel (windows xp pro)
1. iTunes
2. QuickTime
3. Apple Software Update
4. Apple Mobile Device Support
5. Bonjour
6. Apple Application Support
(if it asks for the msi to remove you can get it from the folder you make for itunes later)
i downloaded the newest version of itunes then extracted it useing winzip into a folder , then when it asks for the msi file you point it to the folder you just extracted the itunes to
(i put the folder on my desk top so not to lose it , i also went into my programs and there wer some files left over from itunes i pulled them out , i saved them in a different folder incase i need them down the road , everything seems to be working fine now , my phone linked rite up and it had everything it had befor , hope this helps ,
BTW version 9 of itunes scattered 278gigs of my music across my 2 hard drives , anyone know how to pull it back into the folders ?
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Hi, I did what you all said to do by checking the registry and deleting the "quicktime.msi" and "itunes.msi" files and now they are saying my configuration data for the product is corrupt. Please help I don't know what to do
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i have this too
i remember i totaly deleted that thing
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I had the same problem. I fixed it just now. Here's the instructions.
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i tried to download and save the uninsaller, but received an error: Script: C:DOCU~1\Sandy\locals~1\Temp\IXP000.TMP\StartMsi.vbs
Line 2
char: 1
error: ActiveX component can't create object: 'WScript.Shell'
code: 800A01AD
source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error
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yeah i have the same problem too on my last computer itunes made it run slow and i wasn't able to get rid of safari and the comp ended up crashing and now on this one i'm having this problem everyone said to me to just get a mac but the real problem is itunes not windows. saying something about itunes64.msi is not a resource path or something and then it says older version of itunes is not able to uninstall. Great just great itunes is telling me that it's not their side and microsoft is saying that it's itunes side cause they been having a lot of problems with itunes.
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Torrebc's solution above was the only thing that worked for me. Can't believe Apple makes it so hard to mess up an upgrade. What a pain. But nothing worked for me until I tried the registry editing and method Torrebc described above. Thanks for the help.
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Download the windows installer cleanup utility. Once it runs, highlight iTunes in the list and use the remove button. Re-run the iTunes installer, should get you up and running.
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That site should be able to give you the answer. It tells you how to get rid of it :)
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Thanku Martin Hall 4 posing the question....and Especially THANK U to "wflores" --my wife has been killin me tryin 2 fix itunes on her traded pc, so she can get her songs on her ipod....ya'll are the best!!!!!
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problem solved speedily following runninh imstaller cleanup; thanks.
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I have been trying to resolve this problem for months. I have tried many different suggestions from many different forums. Zues' solution is the only thing that has worked for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sadly, I don't have itunes.msi or quicktime.msi in my registry... but I have used iTunes for three years... this problem occered to me yesterday and I have not been able to do ANYTHING related to iTunes or Quicktime.
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hopefully this link will work for you :)
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hi friends
i have similar problem of itunes.msi i have downloaded windowsinstallcleanup tool and select itunes from the list and delete it and then try to install itunes it works i have tried and it was succesful

here is the link for windowsinstallcleanup