Can't mark some tickets as done in Planning mode

We've recently upgraded from Planning Module 1.5.1 to 1.6 and are having problems with marking some tickets as complete ONLY through the Planning interface. The tickets we're having problems with were all created with 1.5.1 installed and the Tickets Plus hacks (rather than the module which we moved to using with Planning 1.6). Planning lets us select the ticket as done but when clicking Save the following server error message is returned in the Flash interface (I've slightly modified the file path as it's going on public view):

b = (mx.collections::ArrayCollection)#1
filterFunction = (null)
length = 3
list = (mx.collections::ArrayList)#2
length = 3
source = (Array)#3
[0] "Fatal error"
[1] "/var/www/xxxxxxxxxx/activecollab/application/modules/tickets_plus/handlers/on_project_object_completed.php"
[2] 21
uid = "A1A86652-F0D5-1CEF-9782-084C7C73DC48"
sort = (null)
source = (Array)#3
br = (null)

This only appears to effect tickets and not tasks and if I try closing a ticket through the standard aC Tickets page it appears to work fine. I'm assuming there's some differences between the way the Tickets Plus hacks and module works which is causing the problem?


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