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Need Help with Hypoxylon Canker in Post Oak

Grove of post oaks with Hypoxylon Canker, sprreading by sap sucking beetles on new spring growth. 20 to thirty mature trees, up to 30 inch dia., 35 feet high. about one acre in my back yard and stable area.. I need help soon. one tree 30+dia very near the house is showing top stress. I am a rancher in Midway, Texas 75852. The would be Midway to nowhere, as no arborist from near by cities will come out this far to help me make "value" decisions on which tress to save and which trees to waste. cell 713 899.9588. hm 281 256-0338. Have normal hay production and weed control equipment for spraying.
dudleyjoe@aol.com RonTis Hereford Ranch Ron and Myrtis Dudley
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  • Leah Hancock (Marketing & Customer Service Specialist) May 19, 2011 13:09
    Hi Ron,
    We apologize for the confusion. We got your message, and we'd just like a little clarification to help point you in the right direction.

    From what it sounds like, you know what's affecting your trees (hypoxylon canker) but aren't sure which trees should be treated and which should be removed. Is that correct?

    As far as treatment goes, PHOSPHO-jet works to treat hypoxylon canker and it's best applied May-July. Here's more information on PHOSPHO-jet: http://shop.arborjet.com/ProductDetai...

    Would you be able to email us pictures of the affected trees? If you can't get an arborist out to your location, we may be able to help you determine which trees are still treatable.

    You can also call us at 1-866-ARBORJT (1-866-272-6758)

    We hope to hear from you soon!

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