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I’m ready for change and have some great ideas

AG Forums Falling Apart?

Hey there.

It looks like you're concerned with the AG's forums, right? Well, I and about 90% of the community's regulars are, and we think some changes ought to be made. Don't worry, I've got some backstory for you. Right here:

Check it out.

Let's get down to business, shall we?

The last few weeks I and other users have fun duking it out debating what needs to be done and we're here today to share what we've found. Don't worry- the admins know. This message is directed towards those who don't know, and helps get our ideas spread around.

AG3 has been in development for God knows how long. Cormyn, AG's former community manager, used to be the bearer of AG3's news from the admins. He was also always there for the mods if they needed a perm-ban for a naughty user. He locked threads, deleted offending comments, confronted users; he was one active, and strict, mod. He was an admin, and we really need someone like him to help out. Carlie was a lot like Cormyn, but she helped lay-down some of AG's foundation. She was another community manager who has long since been gone. She was really nice and welcomed new users to the community; she made it a really enjoyable place for everyone. We need a new community manager who can do all of this.

Nearly the entire moderator team is inactive. Many users are ever trying to contact inactive mods, but aren't getting responses. Frusterated and angry, they end up quitting. The mods also help with getting the community happier by making sure their presence is felt. Cormyn and Carlie did the same thing. We need active mods and inactive mods need to be confronted in order to get their situation in order.

The community isn't really known around the site. It needs to be renamed to "Forum," and a larger link (maybe a banner) is needed. We need new blood in there to take places of retiring veterans. Speaking of veterans, many are leaving because the AG forums, their favorite pastime, is falling apart. Once a vet's friend list is empty, he feels alone and leaves as well. We need to try to get vets to stay.

New users coming in to take vet's spots are not of quality. They tend to be spammy and generally leave immediately because the forums are so bad. We need to attract new users to the forums by creating a pop-up that shows after registration; other sites have this, and it works like a charm.

That was the crash course of what has been discussed. For a full version, please read this thread:

Post any ideas you may have here or there, and, for God's sake, visit the forums while you're there!

Thanks! =)

If I missed anything of value, let me know and I'll edit my post.
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