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ARMOR GAMES : The new beta site vs. the 'old' site

We're in the process of rebuilding Armor Games, and have released the beta site ( so you can be one of the first to play on it.

"Beta" means 'we're still in development'. You'll see constant enhancements in the coming weeks, as we release new features. At the moment, the beta site is just a taste of what's to come.

Armor Games is all about playing the best flash games on the web. Right now, that's what the beta is about: finding and playing games.

Soon we'll be re-adding player accounts, game rating, favoriting games, and everything you've seen on the 'old' Armor Games. And then you'll see a host of new stuff that will make the new Armor Games even better.

In the meantime, everything is still working fine at the 'old' Armor Games ( If you want to create/edit your account, rate and favorite games, make comments, etc... the 'old' site is the place to do it.

Thanks very much for playing on Armor Games!
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