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Beta, the Story of:

I meant to send this through private mail, but then I realized that this had to be more public than for just one person to read, so here it goes:

What I've done the past few weeks is create a story called Beta. It's basically for the upcoming celebration of AG3 that is said to be released later this year. It perpetuates the entire Armor Games community as real life, how users interact in conversations, what they do inside forums, how they play games, et cetera.

In order to get a broader, more-involved context with the story, I've had characters, made by users in the real Armor Games, to be added to the story to be a part of it and have a meaningful place in it (with permission of course). Such characters have adventures and jolly good times with the main character and his family, whom I've created myself, and eventually become Beta Testers, where they are given keys to stumble upon this brand-new world of theirs. Such examples (with given legitimate permission) are NoNameC68 and Strop the moderators, who are part of the main character, Ivan's, adventures, coupled with other well-known Armor Games users. What I have done is basically perpetuate life on Armor Games to be set as if it was real life events, two years after 2010, where I gave a hypothetical year in which AG3 would finally take off (it's much earlier than that, I now know!).

I was quite skeptical at first at how far this would actually go, but it really was a hit with Armor Games fans, if I do say so myself. 100 replies and more than 3000 views? That has to be my highest thread ever!

So the whole meaning of this topic is: I've gotten to a part in the story where the Beta testing is about to commence. This means that the administration will be involved in the story. This may be quite tough to pull off, but may I have clear permission to include the likenesses of the administration team, in particular Daniel McNeely, Carlie, and Iroot? I (now) don't include characters in my stories without actual consent, as my audience clearly knows (after a certain incident in Chapter 2-3). This would be quite the honor if the actual administration gave me permission to have them included in such a great story (all egos aside)!

Some things to note though: In the prologue of the story of Beta, I briefly referenced their characters (Daniel and Iroot) through dialogue only, and then added this to the end of Chapter 5 in order to mold the story together better. I consider the prologue to be merely a "notification in order to get the ball rolling" as a sort of joke. It was irrational for me to hastily add these two names in without permission, and I apologize for that. This is why I'm asking for clear permission so I don't make that careless mistake again. It would be quite the honor for them to be profoundly involved, though!

If permission is granted and you're not too busy, can you three tell me a little bit about your personalities? How does Daniel, Iroot, and Carlie act, what are their mannerisms, what do they do in X situations, that sort of thing? This is all so I make sure I can represent these characters as accurately as possible, instead of not knowing and making these three out to be who they really aren't.

I don't know which one is going to reach you guys first, the e-mail or this, but thanks again for your time! :)
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