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Commentary Ratings, Spammers and blogging ideas.

Hi there, I've been an active Armorgamer for a while now, I've always tried to post insightful and helpful comments to games. One of the frustrations of the site was the way people abused the comment system with useless posts simply to garner AP points. I also had a problem with average scores determining the rating, all topics I've covered on my own non-AG blog.

I was wondering if in the A3 update you're going to implement a +1/-1 system to rate other peoples comments that will impact directly on their AP. For example, say they comment a game with "good" and then get 9 people vote it down to -9 if the comment hits -10 then they lose Armor-points not only for that post, but also as a rebuke. So for every -10 that posts goes, the profile loses 2 points.
This would fix the incessant amount of abusers to your commentary system.

Also any work in progress to kill the spammer comments? I've been flagging them, but after some research I was told to not bother with it.

Finally, I highlight noteworthy flash games on my own blog and create over-thought dissertations on the meta-theory behind the concepts, is there anyway I can place trackbacks from your site without seeming spammy? I was going to ask if you wanted me to blog directly as I feature 2-4 per week depending on my schedule and it's free content for you guys as I love writing about flash.

Just some thoughts, if you want to see some examples:

Here is a link to my blog
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