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Compiled list of Everybody's Suggestions about Beta. (Everyone Please Like and Share so we can get this noticed)


1. We need a section on the Homepage that displays New Games REGARDLESS OF RATING.
2. Drop-down filters for genre listings featuring different sorting choices.
3. Change the similarities between AG 3.0 and Kongregate.
4. Bring back the old icon. The color scheme needs more....color and "roundness" is missing. (see below)
5. Move those Awkward placed ads.
6. Developers games. We wanna see em.
7. My Favourites Tab, a tab to quickly access you favourite games via the Homepage. Maybe even an About Me tab.

Long Detailed Version:

1. Previously, AG 2.0 featured a "New Games" tab on the HP which featured the 12 newest games. AG 3.0 now features a "New and Hot Games Tab" which features only 3 of the newest games and only the ones with high ratings. This prevents players from seeing games that might be "rare gems", games with mixed reviews or a certain taste which few can appreciate.I suggest the homepage feature the 6 - 8 latest games.

2. Also an idea suggested was that each genre listing should have a dropdown filter which lists the top 5 "Newest" "Most Played" "Most Popular" "Most Faved" games of that genre by rank. This allows for sorting of games by category to find the game best suited to the player. Also having a tab that lists the top ten of ALL games on the site would be a welcome addition.

3. Also, certain viewers have remarked on the similarities between the beta and that of the Rival game website "Kongregate". This includes the Genre categories, which are now set out in an exact replica of the Kongregate website. This can easily be fixed by setting out the genre lists differently so that it sets itself apart from other sites. Maybe an idea would be to use the same format as the featured games sliding animation on the very top of the page, and have buttons at the bottom for players to change tabs to a different genre. This allows for the icons of the games to be larger which solved a problem one user posed, and overall makes AG individual. Of course, that is a suggestion. The problem can easily fixed in a number of other ways, we just hope it will be fixed.

4. A small but ultimately important matter, many users were complaining that the old icon was "well not better, but more Armor Games" we want to play on this website and have it still feel like Armor Games. Color Scheme was also mentioned, some say it is a radical departure from the old AG, personally I think its suits the AG theme of the blue Shield, but it just needs a little more color. In terms of Aesthetics the "roundness" of the AG was commented to be more popular over the sharp jagged corners of the new AG.

5. Some people mentioned the awkwardly placed ads, and I have to agree. Particularly the ad bar below the Feature Games Slider, which really needs to be moved. My suggestions would be either above or below the Armor Games panel, or below the genre listing at the bottom of the page.

6. I'm pretty sure this is something you'll add later, but Developers games list link below their name needs to be returned.

7. A "My Favourite Games Tab" which could list the; Game with link, Author with link, and Game Icon. This could also be accompanied by a "About me" Type tab which list your Current Karma Rating and a link to your profile.

Please take all these views into Consideration.
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