An open letter from the Artwiculati to Artwiculate

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Dear Artwiculate

We, the Artwiculati, are endlessly passionate about this wonderful game : the creative buzz of creating erudite, poetic, heartfelt, or just plain witty, tweets, and we love the friendships that go with it. We reiterate our thanks for the fact that you created it.

To this end (i.e. our love of the game), we'd like to put forward a few ideas that have been kicking around for a while in one place or another, for you to consider. These have come about from our playing the game regularly and observing how people react to it.

The first, the main, and probably the most important point is this : please give consideration to removing the voting buttons from individual player profile pages. We believe that you intended voting to be "blind", i.e. from the main Artwiculate site, and therefore introducing this measure would make the game closer to your original intent.

One of the 'spurs' to this request is what we have seen happen - and indeed, done ourselves on occasion! - when the 'front runners' announcement is made. People may quite naturally go and support their friends if they see them among the leaders, but we don't believe you intend voting to be influenced this way, however pure the motivation may be?

Of course, that is not the only reason people go to individual profile pages to vote. There may be external voters, e.g. family members or friends, who have been guided there. Or there will be times when - for the best of reasons - some of us are too busy to go through 25 pages of tweets. But, on reflection, we don't believe you ever intended voting to be partial? Without the voting buttons on profiles, all tweets on the main site will be equal.

It would certainly assist new players to achieve success quicker, if voting was truly 'blind'. We've seen many new players join recently, and we would love to see Artwiculate help them to the early success their talents deserve, but which is sometimes seen by them as an elusive Grail (one of the commoner cries is "the same old names among the front runners!")

This 'front runners' announcement - as mentioned above - can be a spur to voting for particular players, rather than voting blind as you intend. So our second point is this : please give consideration to removing actual names from this announcement? It could still say "The lead has changed x times today", and encourage people to go and vote, but simply drop the list of names? This would help and support those who are not among the leaders, and perhaps give them a chance of real success, as voters in the last three hours would vote 'blind' without either intentionally or unintentionally influencing the results.

In summary then, would you consider :
1. Removing the voting buttons from player profile pages
2. Dropping the names from the '3 hours to go' announcement

We would love to hear your thoughts and responses to this.

With love

The Artwiculati
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Posted 7 years ago

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Official Response
Hi Tidd et al.

Thanks as always for being so enthusiastic about Artwiculate and what can be done to make the game even more enjoyable for everyone involved.

We never anticipated that it would create such a following of passionate players who want to see the the game developed and improved upon, which makes it hard to keep up with sometimes.

As was said in a previous thread, but might not have been read by all, we're a very small team and we've never made a penny out of Artwiculate. It's a bit of a labour of love for us, especially as we have full time jobs that keep us more than busy.

But we do our best to keep the technical wheels turning and make tweaks here and there to improve the game when we can. And although a number of suggestions on getsatisfaction are on our list of 'nice to haves', we just don't have the resources at the minute to implement them.

We really appreciate the time taken by Tidd to outline succinctly the main changes you would like to see to the site. We should have let you know sooner that we agreed that these changes would be a great improvement to the site and that we planned to work on them.

We've made these changes now:

1. Removing the voting buttons from player profile pages
2. Dropping the names from the '3 hours to go' announcement

And we've also removed the 'vote inaccurate' button. Hopefully this will make the game fairer and more fun for all players.

Keep up the excellent tweeting people, it makes us smile to see the clever uses of the artwiculate words and new players taking part.

We may be running round in circles trying to keep up with ourselves, but we haven't run away, promise.

Thank you - hugs :)


ps. Mr Peter Kerr has not left the building, he's just a very busy chap.