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Snow Leopard Server

I am trying to set up a mac mini server (snow leopard 10.6) configured to share local files in afp and have a VPN when i am at university. I currently have the Ask4 4Connect package and have the mac mini on a external ip when i had SSH enabled.

I have successfully configured the mac server to AFP, but i am struggling with VPN. I have set it up but one thing that i am unsure about is the start and finish IP addresses. I have tried to set these with the internal and external ip address in both boxes but still been unable to connect. I know that i have to get the VPN service enabled by Ask4.

One more thing thing that is should mention is that i have entered the following under client information.
DNS Servers: 10.105.01
Search Domains:

I got the above information using network connections information for ethernet.
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