Contradictory information on Photocopy safe diverging color scheme

There appears to be conflicting information on the ColorBrewer 2.0 page-

In the score card section, under Photocopy Friendly, it states that: "Diverging schemes can not be photocopied successfully. Differences in lightness should be preserved with sequential schemes."

However, this scheme- , and this scheme- , both indicate that they are Photocopy safe.

Which of these two pieces of information are correct?
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  • Good question. Diverging schemes will be difficult to interpret when photocopied because hues opposite the critical break are similar in lightness. However, the number of data classes also plays a role. As they increase to 5-6 classes, both the schemes you highlight will not be photocopied successfully.

    That said, the best thing to do in a case where there is some conflict is to try it out yourself. If you need to use one of these two schemes and expect your end users to be photocopying them, test copy a proof and go from there. ColorBrewer is a great starting point, but final maps will often require some tweaking based on specific needs and uses.
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