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Baltimore Sun home delivery stinks!

I have been a loyal customer since 1964 but I am trempted to stop home delivery. I get beat up and torn supplements on Sunday. One Sundayseveral weeks agoe, I received no TV paper and half the ads were missing as well. I callled and was told I'd have them in 90 minutes. I'm still waiting. No "TASTE" section nor food ads today, and I was told by the automated call that they would be sent out. My wife called later and was told "NO, they won't be sent out!" You've canceled my favorite comics, you've become a shadow of the once great SUn, why should I get the paper anymore.
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  • Martin Van Horn

    I'm sorry for the delivery problem. I'm sure we can correct your service. Please email me your address and I will follow up with the Manager and contractor of this area to get this resolved.

    I look forward to hearing back from you and truly apologize for the poor service.

    Brenda Holley
    Circulation Ombudsman
    Baltimore Sun Media Group
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  • Carolyn Copsey, Columbia, MD 21044
    The Baltimore Sun has lost another long-time customer. I subscribed to The Sun in 2007 and have had numerous issues with non-deliveries over the years but nothing compared to the chronic delivery issues I have experienced lately!
    Non-deliveries intensified in April (2017) & despite repeated reassurances from the customer service reps (in the Philippines) that supervisors & carriers would be made aware of the problem & rectify it immediately, the situation only worsened in May! Despite paying for 7day Sun paper deliveries, I was averaging 2-3 day deliveries! On occasion, I would find 3-4 day old papers were being delivered &, on at least occasion last month, The Wall Street Journal was on my doorstep!
    It is my understanding that the delivery trucks are arriving late to pick-up the daily papers for distribution and that there is an ongoing issue of major carrier turnover.
    Why have these very basic operational issues not been addressed? Failure to do so is no way to operate a business! Nor, is repeatedly giving the same old lip service to complaining customers, with no explanation or apology for the persistent problem, or a guarantee of corrective action.
    I am frustrated, annoyed & no longer a Baltimore Sun Subscriber.
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