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Billing issue

I signed up for home delivery and when I received a bill I wrote cancel on it and mailed it back because I no longer wished to get the paper. I have sent in two cancellations and yet your company has not yet cancelled my subscription AND has sent my bill to a collection agency. This is a problem and I would like it corrected as soon as possible, I do not owe your company any money seeing as I have asked for this to be cancelled twice. The account number is 5572479 in the amount of $29.55
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  • Thank you for your email. Unfortunately the reason why your cancellation request did not get recognized is because The Baltimore Sun does not accept written correspondences. However, we will write off the balance due on your account and contact billing to have your account removed from collections. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Would you be willing to send your complete address? The number you provided belongs to the collection agency and I am not able to pull that up in my system. We apologize for the inconvenience.


    Monique Carr-Mckoy
    Customer Advocate
    The Baltimore Sun Media Group
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