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Door to Door

Baltimore Sun

Are you aware there are kids going door to door representing your newspaper after dark in the Baltimore community? Do you promote this? What assurance do I have as a consumer it's a legitimate subscription? If it is legitimate, from a revenue perspective the cash appears to be under the table. Furthermore it reflects poorly on the Paper as people are extra vigilant during the holidays for others scouting the neighborhood.
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  • I live in Columbia and a boy came to my door tonight saying that he was selling subscriptions to the Sun on behalf of his baseball team at "Wakefield High". when I asked where the school was he said that it was in Baltimore County. I Googled it and there is one in Virginia but not one in Baltimore County so I asked him about it. He said "oh there must be two". That is when I knew he was being untruthful about who he was representing.
    I don't know who the money goes to but he wanted me to make a check for $19.90 out the The Baltimore Sun and put his name "Devontae Brown" in the memo section.

    I delined to give him anything but said that I would call Wakefield in Baltimore tomrrow and offer his Baseball coach a donation on his behalf. Since it doesn't exist, guess I can't do that.

    So heads up Baltimore Sun and consumers!
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