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I’m grateful, but still profoundly irritated

Finally, an explanation for the lack of city reporting

I'm a subscriber, and I wanted to let you know that the article on Sunday, July 5th, about difficulties getting information from the police, was the single most useful news item I've seen in three years.

It boggles my mind that it is easier for me to learn about a puppy stranded in a Florida sewer than it is for me to find out what the gunshot sounds were in my own neighborhood. I couldn't figure out why the actual news of this city was so invisible. Now I know there aren't enough reporters or cooperative public servants [i.e., in the police departments] to keep me adequately informed.

This doesn't make me happy, but at least I know what's gone wrong. Perhaps some of the people working off their student loans could spend a few hours a week down at local precincts, and we'd have a chance of knowing our own communities as well as we know the details of the latest celebrity death.

[BTW, I absolutely loathe this chirpy happy interface, which was clearly designed for products other than newspapers]