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I’m in a state of shock

Governor proposing taxes for gas and State sales tax -what bad booze is he drinking?

I happen to think he Governors proposal to increase the gas tax is utterly preposterous.

Families are fighting to stay afloat in this economy crisis.

Why is it that since the economy took a nose dive all politicians seem to want to do to fix the situation is raise a tax or a fee?

Toll increase, liquor increases, bottle taxes- now gas taxes too? Oh and now I hear, just today he mentions increasing the State taxes, and this he again links to road construction. Does he have some people in his pocket wanting to Bid(or not) like his slot machine cronies?

Are not the gas prices ridiculously high enough and forever changing enough now?

Does the Governor not get that people are on unemployment and social welfare programs to supplement low or no income?

Is it really more important to fix a road than the average persons budget and standard of living?

Can not he think of other ways to increase jobs in Maryland than have the tax payers pay for them?
Like perhaps cutting spending.

I oppose this increase!
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