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I’m sad

lifetime of regret

best wishes to the brave souls who still work for the sun. i loved working for the sun (evening variety) more than life itself (1972-1985 fulltime, 1986-1989 part-time) and since those days my iife has been a lot less satisfactory.......

meanwhile, i think your website is much improved, especially when you get about three inches down from the top......... the top is very busy, a little hectic!.....i counted 34 buttons or links that surround the nameplate (title or flag, namely THE BALTIMORE SUN) before you get to the first photograph or news is a full frontal assault on the senses (especially first thing in the morning).....this was not a journalistic decision but an advertising and marketing one.......but once you get below the top, things are less strident and less cluttered......take a look, if you will, at the washington post's website....there is almost nothing above the flag and the name of the newspaper truly gets top billing....

let's just name the 34 (what i call) links from the sun's site: log in or register, jobs, cars, real estate, classified, advertise, home delivery, sun store,, hershey park, suntastic news, maryland, sports, orioles, money, good life, entertainment, maryland voices, search box, weather, traffic, obits, nation/world, science, blogs, video, and the hot topics, hampden standoff, billy mays, BET awards, michael jackson, chickens in the city......holy smokes! oh, i forgot the weather symbol, temperature and date (but not the day of the week, why not?)! that's busy.....couldn't some of those topics be put elsewhere?

i think most if not all baltimoreans despise sam zell and think he is a disgusting chicago bottom-feeder who hates newspapers and newspaper people, and cetainly doesn't understand the business....... the sun will never thrive again until it is locally owned and the meantime, best wishes to all who still toil for the sun!
  • Hi Steve,

    I didn't start at The Sun 'til 1992 so I don't think I remember you personally, but I appreciate that you're still so engaged in the paper and Web site. We definitely tried to make the most-read topics evident to readers via the home page, but I get what you're saying about the number of links and will pass your feedback along to the site producers.

    Thanks for weighing in.

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