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Lost me as a reader

The web site redesign is awful. I have heard rumors that the Sun will likely be online only (no print version) in the coming years and I sincerely hope that this new format is not thought to bring in new online readers - it won't work. It is terrible to navigate (there is no logic to the new site) and I also think that the content has changed as well - not enough coverage of actual news and too much fluff. Sorry Baltimore Sun, you just lost me as an online reader (never was a print reader). Other news outlets in Baltimore provide much better content and format for their online readers.
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  • We actually have not changed the content of the online site at all; we have exactly as much news as we had prior to the redesign. We're sorry you don't like the changes as much as we do. We have no plans to go online-only, but we do feel the new design is easier to get around (via top navigation bars vs. the left navigation bar so many of our users told us they didn't like). I hope you'll give the new design a chance to grow on you.
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