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Normal Log in window keeps popping up while on the Password Reset window, FAIL

Dear Wonderful people trying to reset my password on the online version of the Capital Gazette:

I was trying to reset my password with the link you gave me, both on Internet Explorer and Firefox. Both times I briefly see the attached JPG screen capture for resetting my password, but after entering in JUST ONE Char , the other login screen window pops up, preventing me from entering in a new password and completing the password reset. See the attached two screen shots... one ,the normal log in page, keeps "trumping" or taking down the other , more important one, used to actually reset a password.

I have a BS in Computer Science with decades of experience (so I am no novice), and well I realize there is something wrong... unless I never had a valid online account... and the web URL you generated below, was done in sort of automatic mode...


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