Rainy Weather!!

Everytime it rains I go out to get my paper and it soaking wet. Today was one of those days . I have been a Baltimore Sun subscriber for 11 years now. I have now had it. You can't tell me that the person who delivers my paper doesn't hear that it is going to rain the next day so they can at least tie the plastic bag closed. I am tired of getting papers soaked through and the having to go out and buy another from the store and then having to pay you for a paper I couldn't read. Do you hire stupid people or what to deliver papers??
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  • Thank you for your email. I do apologize for the wet paper issues you are experiencing. Our goal is to provide legendary service, and from what you are telling me this is not the case with your carrier. I will contact the distribution team to make sure the carrier will double reverse bag or tie the bag when rainy conditions occur. Would you be willing to contact me at the email address below with your complete address so that I may assist you further? Once again I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

    Thank you,

    Monique Carr-McKoy
    Customer Advocate
    The Baltimore Sun Media Group
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