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Recurring Home Delivery Problems

For several months my carrier has been failing, several times a month, to delivery the Sunday supplement. I have not had a full month where I have received appropriate service. After being assured in the middle of last month that the problem was resolved - the carrier claimed to being confused because the people who we bought our house from in June terminated their service and they didn't realize we were a new customer - it happened again today.

I called to report and even went so far as to speak to a customer service rep to advise we just needed the Sunday Supplement delivered. I was promised that I would have it by 1:30. I got home at 2:30 and what was redilivered was the Saturday paper I already had and NO SUNDAY SUPPLEMENT. This is absurd - and customer service lines are closed after 12. And in my prior discussions, customer service refused to provide me with any information about the carrier - not even their name. Why can't I get my paper delivered properly? I am ready to cancel my subscription as it is becoming more trouble and stress than it is worth.

Stacy Finn
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