Stop delivering to non-subscribers

Quit delivering your weekly shopper to non subscribers. All you are doing is littering and adding to the blight in our community. If people want your paper they will subscribe. Quit trying to jack up your circulation numbers by delivering unwanted papers.
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  • Bruce Bard

    We are committed to providing non-subscribers copies of the Sun Plus/ Weekender. The publication has community features, advertising and coupons that residents enjoy receiving. We encourage those individuals who do not wish to receive Sun Plus /Weekender to contact us directly 1.888.539.1280 or ( and ask that they be removed from our list.

    Please email me your address so the manager of the area will work on improving the delivery so it doesn't look like we are littering.

    Thank you,
    Brenda Holley
    Circulation Ombudsman
    Baltimore Sun Media Group
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