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I’m frustrated

Sun Papers can't manage delivery as requested by subscriber

Since January, I have called nearly every week to request STOP DELIVERY of the SunPlus to 5309 Balistan Rd, Rosedale 21237. More recently, I have also requested that my daily/weekend Sun be delivered onto the front lawn rather than the driveway in order to keep the paper dry during wet weather. Every week I am assured that my request has been taken care of and that further effort on my part is not required. Every week I receive a SunPlus and every day my newspapers are delivered onto the paved driveway during wet weather, thus insuring that thepaper will be soaked by the time I get home in the evening.

Discontinue delivery of the SunPlus FOREVER!
Deliver the daily/weekend papers onto the grass every day in order to reinforce the habit.

I delivered papers as a youth, and I can still walk my route and tell which papers got delivered where and how. Why is this goal unreachable in 2010?

It's no wonder circulation is dwindling. I'm committed to the print edition; can't you help me out here?

Elliott Robinson
5309 Balistan Road
Rossville MD 21237-4503

410-404-3755 after 2:30 PM.
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