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I’m very sad over the NFL

The NFL's Social agenda is out of control

the chatrooms are all talking about how the Black dominated NFL players association has blackmailed 'NO PUN INTENDED" the NFL & Rodger Goodell to make sure the indianapolis colts go undefeted This year & win the superbowl for there first year Black head coach. Its all over twitter to how the black political & social leaders want america to revere A Black man the same way they did when in baseball Mark McGuire Broke Roger Maris's single season homerun record which stood for 45 years. Well Black Leaders saw how america was dazzeled & in awe over that, & they made sure a Black Man just 2 years later broke McGuires single season homerun record to give Black America pride for there social reasons & Now after the new England Patriots just 2 years ago went undefeted until the superbowl loss Thos same Black political & social leaders saw the pride in america & the interest in that superbowl & now they want to make sure that a Black coach goes all the way first & go undefeted during a 16 game season in the NFL & they have told the NFL Players association which is controlled by a friend of Obama, how it would be beneficial to Black america if that happened, so the majority Of black players are under great pressure to make sure the Indy Colts win it all & go undefeted & if they dont go along with it they will be labeled Uncle Toms By other Hard core Black activists. Its time for the Cheating & corruption in the NFL to stop.
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