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I’m angry and frustrated

Unwanted delivery of Baltimore Sun --- twice! DELETE MY ACCOUNT

Discontinued subscription to Baltimore Sun over a year ago. (phone 410-825-2453)

Was notified some weeks later that a small (less than five dollar) credit remained on my account.
Rather than refunding credit, BSun commenced daily delivery again, without my consent. Called to terminate (again) BSun service and requested account to be deleted and to never again be contacted regarding BSun offers. This was about a year ago.

In the last couple weeks, delivery of BSun mysteriously resumed *again*. Just now called BSun to complain, and was told apologetically by Courtenay (employee ID Z35005) that this was the result of a telemarketer. I insisted that my account be entirely deleted from system, not merely marked as "do not deliver", as this clearly was insufficient to prevent BSuns from appearing in my yard. Was assured by Courtenay that this deletion would be effective within the next 24hrs.

I will be calling to confirm this in 48hrs.
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