This is your space, and it's dedicated to open conversation between customers and employees. It isn't meant to be a collection of generic responses, but rather a dynamic place where people form an authentic customer community that collaborates to share great ideas, solve problems, and answer questions that will help everyone.

Get Satisfaction is focused on productive outcomes, and we encourage everyone to abide by our Community Guidelines and consider our Customer-Company Pact as guiding principles in the conversation.

Need help getting started?

- Make an announcement on Get Satisfaction, put a badge on your site, and invite your employees to participate.

- Install a Feedback Widget on any page of your Web site and give your customers a quick and easy way to provide public (or private) feedback about your products.

- Upgrade your account and get access to our expanded Management View and Moderation Tools to help manage your customer community. Packages start at $99/month and come with a no-risk trial period. Take a tour!

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