who writes the column on consumer problems?

My husband, who has dementia, was in Pikesville Sunrise Assisted Living from April 11 - 16, 2009 before he was "locked out" of the facility when we returned from his second trip to the ER (in 5 days) because he was "agitated." I know that the facility has the right to discontinue an agreement with a client for many reasons, especially if he becomes more than they can handle. I have written and called 10 or more times to Sunrise corporate asking for $1610 owed me. I have also received statements from Sunrise stating that I have a credit of $1610. Each time I call, I am put through to a voice message for the collections and payments where I leave a message but never get a returned call so I can speak to a human about sending my refund. I am getting frustrated since I need that money to help with expenses at a new assisted living home for Richard.

Thank you for your help.
Arlene Klaff
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